What are some Chinese TV shows on Netflix worth watching?

Netflix is conquering the world of streaming, one country at a time. They already have 117 million subscribers around the world and the number keeps growing every day. To cater to such a diverse audience, the company keeps adding series and movies from different languages.

 For a movie lover, Netflix is like paradise. He can sit anywhere and enjoy a movie at any time. They even have a lot of Chinese TV shows on Netflix. Here is a small list of the best TV shows to watch in 2018.


The Rise of Phoenixes

This is one of the most watched Chinese drama on Netflix. The California based streaming company has bagged the rights to stream the series which debuted on China’s Hunan Television a few months ago. They have released it in a dozen different languages.




The Legends of Monkey King

The series follows the story of accidental time travel of an ordinary guy who becomes a legendary king in the future. As expected, the Chinese storytelling is quite different from the American style and that makes the series worth a watch.



Day and Night

Guan Hongfeng, a Chinese detective from Criminal Investigation Detachment tries to clear his innocent brother from a murder charge. The series garnered four billion views on Alibaba’s Youku and now you can watch it on Netflix.




You will love OCTB if you liked the 90s Hong Kong. Set at the time before the territory’s integration with China, the series follows the story of an undercover detective who crosses path with the notorious figures of Hong Kong Mafia.




Wu lin wai Zhuan (My Own Swordsman)

If you thought all Chinese series’ are about martial arts, think again. Wu lin wai zhuan is a comedy series based on the lives of a group of friends residing in Qixia. Be ready to see the novelty of a Chinese comedy as their version of a sitcom differs greatly from ours.




Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden is another Chinese comedy with a romantic angle i.e. a RomCom. A shy beautiful girl meets a group of handsome guys in Shang Hai. The girl is about to start her studies at a famous university and gets into a tiff with the guys. But soon the squabble is forgotten, and a friendship endures.


Empresses in the Palace

The last one on our list is a palace drama set during the times of Emperor Yongzheng. The series is filled with backstabbing, conspiracies and a harem full of women.

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