Where to Watch Chinese Movies Online?

Chinese movies are among the most sought after and will only compete with Hollywood movies. Due to the restriction that only allows those who have China IP to access the sites, you may find it difficult to get a good site that you can watch the movies. This will be sorted the moment you will get a VPN service whose server is in China at a minimal fee of about $3.25.

Here are some of the best sites that you can watch Chinese movies online:


This is China’s national CCTV Movie Channel’s official movie website where you will be free to watch over 1000 original HD movies where you will enjoy free additional movies every day. The website has no copyright restrictions and you do not need a VPN to watch from any location worldwide without any charges.



56 Movie

You will be able to watch HD copyright movies and television series, including free Asian videos without any legal restrictions. The website is not IP sensitive and this means you can access the website from any location worldwide.



CNTV Movie

This is a movie channel that is featured under CNTV.com, which is a national web-based television broadcaster from China. There are multiple Chinese HD movies that you can watch from all locations worldwide.




Kankan Movie

This is a huge video platform that is configured in the Chinese language. On this site, you will be able to get amazing Chinese movies and the best part is that you can watch the movies on your mobile devices whether Android or iOS.




Iqiyi Movie

The site is managed by Baidu which is the biggest Chinese SEO company. On this site, you will be able to access a high number of copyrighted content such as movies, television shows, and documentaries, amo0ng others. Once you get a reliable VPN, you will have a wonderful time watching your favorite Chinese movies.



Sohu Movie

This is also a VPN sensitive site that you can only watch when you have a VPN. The site is very popular among Chinese movie lovers as there are over a thousand movies and television series as well. Do not be shocked to also find trending American Movies and free Asian videos on this site.



Xunlei Kankan Movie

On this site, you will get a high number of Chinese movies, television series, and free Asian videos. Immedi0ately you get a VPN, you will be able to enjoy these amazing shows wherever you are.

There are many other websites where you can watch Chinese movies online though most of them are IP sensitive and you will have to get a VPN. Most of these sites will also have free Asian videos and this means you will have diverse shows that will keep you engages at any time of the day or night.